Monday, 4 February 2013

Zakti Mani new photo

I was recently sent a photo of a newly created Zakti-Mani.  I initially thought there were issues with the flash as one can see lights in the photo. However I was told this was taken in an ipad which has no flash.  After circulating the photo I discovered that these lights could be energy orbs which the Zakti-mani was attracting or creating.  After speaking to some Reiki consultants I was able to find out that these are natural energies which are emanating by the Zakti-mani.  They also told me that they could feel a very good charged warm energy just by placing their hands over the photo.

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  1. Jyanti Sri GaranMarch 23, 2013

    Truly amazing- keep up the amazing work you are doing. Also thank you for sending me free advice and the free Yantra plate-I am so grateful and I am feeling the changes within me. God bless you.