Sunday, 19 October 2014

Diwali Discount 10% off all Yantra

I have been informed that the Real Yantra website are now offering a special discount off all Yantra. They create personalised genuine Yantra and are not the kind of Yantra you can find anywhere else.  So hurry and take advantage of this offer before Diwali!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Lottery Vedic method and strategy update:suggested numbers

This is a quick post today to provide the following lottery numbers to try for the upcoming UK lottery (called Lotto).

This is for the lottery dated Saturday 10th May.

Please only spend money if you have money to spare. These are not guaranteed numbers!

So here they are: 1, 2, 8, 10, 16, 17

If you do win please consider a donation!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Who were you in a past life?

We continue our series of interesting and informative articles. Today we have an article about past lives.

Who Was I in a Past Life? (This May Change Your Mind)

Who was I in a previous lifetime? Was I famous? Rich? A slave or servant? Or maybe I was a famous celebrity that everyone knows? What is the easiest way to tell if I have lived before anyway? Is it past life regression? Hypnosis? Tarot cards... or psychic readings? Or, do most people who DO remember past lives have them pop up spontaneously instead?
Any of these questions sound familiar? The truth is, the whole idea of past lives and reincarnation is a very controversial one, EVEN amongst those who DO believe in spiritual and psychic experiences. It's ironic how some of the most OPEN minded people by definition... can be incredibly closed minded about the idea of reincarnation, karma and the notion that we live many times in many bodies... simply because it doesn't conform to their notion of what "life" really is.
Here are some quick facts about past life memories, and the absolute EASIEST ways to access your own:
DO start with an open mind. Remember that the vast majority of everything we believe MAY be wrong... and without personal PROOF or intimate experience, articles, books and opinions of others are effectively pointless to your own journey of waking up.
DON'T explore the idea of past lives because you think you were more famous or well known or more important in a previous lifetime, than you may be in this one. The funny thing is, this is actually the reverse of what genuine spiritual experience teaches us is important... and yet, so many people dive in and delve into the wonderful world of past life memories simply to boost or bolster their self esteem in THIS life.
DO understand that your life is a continuous, evolving and magnificent journey of magic and meaning. No circumstance is every permanent and no stage of life, whether rich nor poor, happy nor sad, lucky or "losing" ever stays for that long. Your TRUE self is beyond both the individual circumstances and the appearances of any particular lifetime or incarnation and everything you HAVE right now, I truly believe you have chosen to have, as a vehicle to grow, flow, and evolve as a spiritual being.
Lastly, DO seek out spiritual answers and inspiration on your own, through direct experience. There truly is no substitute... and no amount of articles or books or teaching can do what ONE simple direct experience can provide. My first past life reading was done close to 15 years ago by phone... and no book, article or interview could have prepared me for the power of having such an intimate and inspiring glimpse at my OWN true nature.
Want Proof? Click HERE to discover the TRUTH about psychics, spirits and the afterlife. Download the first chapter on Amazon... 100% FREE.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sound vibration and Quantum sound frequencies...

Today we have an article about the area of sound vibrations and how they can then be used to bring about certain manifestations.

Manifestation, Prosperity and Abundance Through Quantum Sound Frequencies

The Merger of Science and Spirituality.
There has always been the age old question of what comes first - the chicken or the egg? We are complex beings, spiritual beings in a mind-based biological form. How can we integrate these two poles of human experience?
At this important crossroads in human history, it is essential that we bring together the scientists and the spiritualists of the world to exchange and blend viewpoints, so that we can evolve a holistic system that can benefit both sides. All traditions, both spiritual and scientific, have greatly contributed to the advancement of human culture and knowledge. One does not have to negate the other. Each reveals an important facet in the mysteries of life, and each should be valued and respected for its contribution. Only in this way can we grow as a global community, united in solving our common problems.
Quantum Sound Frequencies: Tools to Access the Super Conscious Mind.
MindScience has been developed to offer tools for daily use to enhance every aspect of our lives. This is a great plan for everyone. If you are in need of anything in your life, there is a quantum sound frequency that will absolutely help you to achieve it.
Quantum sound frequencies, are sounds that resonate at the core of our consciousness, where mind meets matter. You can use quantum sound frequencies (QSF) to manifest whatever you are trying to achieve in your life. There is a QSF for every sort of goal that you might have: business, money, relationships, creativity, enhanced intelligence, health and healing, inner peace, and spiritual unity, to name just a few.
How does it work?
It works though sound waves or vibrations. Our communication is based on sacred sounds. It is like calling you by your name in a crowded room, all those named John when called will respond. A quantum sound frequency does the same thing. When we think about what we would like to attain we draw it closer to us. When we use a sound in conjunction with the thought it is like using a loud speaker. The result happens faster. Through the daily practice of using Quantum Sound Frequencies we can transform our mundane lives into extraordinary journeys.
One of the most powerful QSFs is the primal creative sound "Ah". The "Ah" quantum sound frequency specifically moves the creative energies found in the sex center, located around the area of the sex organs, up the spine into the center located between the two eyes and eyebrows (the area of pineal gland). By moving this energy from the base of the spine to the center between the two eyebrows, you shift its expression from procreation into creating other desires, such as a home, job or relationship. By utilizing the primary sound of manifestation we can greatly amplify the focal power of our mind and speed the manifestation of our desires.
A 90 Day Quantum Sound Frequency Challenge
When using this sound, you can attract what you would like to your life. I challenge you all to a 90 day experiment with this QSF and see the results for yourself. The experiment will work best if you make a commitment to doing it for these 90 days. There are no limitations to what you can create with this Quantum Sound Frequency(QSF).
The experiment is simple. Get an idea of what you would like to create, focus on this and use the QSF "Ah". Say the sound "Ahhhhhh" and imagine it in the base of your spine. Say it with emotion and enjoy the sound. See the sound moving up the spine to the space between your eyebrows. Bring in the visualization of what you want to create and see it in the third eye center. Know that it is there and chant the sound "Ah" into your visualization in the center between the eyebrows. Do this for at least a few minutes as you continue to see your visualization there as clearly as possible. Penetrate the vision with the sound. Do this at least once each day, and more whenever you like and have some other minutes for the experiment.
Go to to learn more about the benefits of MindScience and quantum sound frequencies.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Importance and power of self knowledge...

We will be featuring a number of contributors over the next few months providing some really useful and informative articles for you.  Today our very first one is about self-knowledge. 

The Importance of Self Knowledge

Expert Author Tim Ong
What is Self Knowledge?
Self knowledge is knowing yourself intimately. It involves knowing your thoughts and feelings, how they came about, and how they influence your behavior. It is about understanding your needs, desires, motivations, beliefs, views and values. In short, it is about knowing how you tick and what makes you tick.
The tool for self knowledge is introspection, a looking within that focuses our attention on our thoughts, how they arise and disappear. This is best done in a quiet environment where you have time to watch and analyze your own thoughts. A busy life does not exclude this possibility of introspection or self reflection but it does make it less likely that you will do so. Furthermore, it is more difficult to watch a busy mind that runs and jumps everywhere like a monkey in a cage.
Why is self knowledge important?
Self knowledge is important because it helps you to understand yourself better. Through better self understanding, you are more able to be in control of your own life. You can then make life happens for you rather than have life happens to you.
It also helps you to find answer to the more insightful and spiritual question - "Who am I?"
Through self knowledge, we are in a better position to understand the outer physical universe as well as the inner metaphysical world within us, and to see how our mind becomes the interface for both experiences. We now know that the meanings we place on the "realities" of life have a greater effect on the quality of our human experience than the "realities" themselves. Thus, we can change the quality of our life simply by changing the way we think and view the world around us. We can become happier simply by changing ourselves, without changing the world. Paradoxically, when we do change ourselves, the world around us changes as well, as if on its own.
We live in a participatory universe where our thoughts and beliefs are very real "things" that affect the world around us. It is as if the content of our inner mind is reflected out into the physical world. This is how we create our own destiny. This is the understanding that will stop us from becoming a victim of circumstances, and instead become the master of our own destiny. This is the occult lesson in the ancient teachings of Hermes, in one of his seven spiritual laws. This spiritual law, called the Law of Correspondence, says "As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without".
This is a key lesson in self understanding, in knowing that we create our own lives and that we are fully and completely responsible for what we create - consciously AND unconsciously. It is extremely empowering to realize that whatever we create we can re-create, thus we are never a victim of circumstances. It is always within our power to change our lives.
Self knowledge allows us to recognize our error in thinking and to correct it. It is therefore the mean to a better and more fulfilling life - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
Dr. Tim Ong is a medical doctor who runs his own thriving medical practice. In his free time, he enjoys giving public talks, teaching meditation and offering his service to hospice work in the community. He also has keen interest in self improvement, mind science and spirituality. Dr. Ong is the webmaster of and

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Yogic Mind CD series

I have had a news release of what looks like an interesting human potential development product. It is a collection of CD which although incorporates a lot of sound technology which many people are already aware of, these also include something which I have never come across. They are producing these CD's which are tailor-made to the individual and bonded using Vedic processes to anchor the person, the CD and the appropriate energies together- which they term as a psychic thread. They also include a metal disc which needs to be kept close to the body at all times and here I think we are looking at some kind of Yantra device that is linked with the person and the CD. This appears then to be a very powerful tool.

The set comprises of 20 levels with each level having one CD. The idea is to start from level one and progress upwards. It is recommended that five levels are completed with the rest being optional depending on your own personal development needs.

I will report more about when I know more. Looking at the way these are produced I think they will probably place a limit on the number of CD's which they can release for sale. More information can be found on the publisher website.  It looks like it is still in the process of being updated but I am told will be completed in a few days.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Zakti Mani new photo

I was recently sent a photo of a newly created Zakti-Mani.  I initially thought there were issues with the flash as one can see lights in the photo. However I was told this was taken in an ipad which has no flash.  After circulating the photo I discovered that these lights could be energy orbs which the Zakti-mani was attracting or creating.  After speaking to some Reiki consultants I was able to find out that these are natural energies which are emanating by the Zakti-mani.  They also told me that they could feel a very good charged warm energy just by placing their hands over the photo.