Monday, 6 February 2017

2017 Saturn

Saturn has a tendency to cause quite a sense of uneasiness within us all.  This is a slow moving planet and its transit into the sign of Sagittarius begins on January 26 2017 or the next two and a half years.

In general one can expect this period to be occupied by learning. It is a time of optimism in practical sense of the word. Building on a foundation of good blocks, learning from the teacher within, It may be a time of slow movement, sometimes standing still to view the surroundings and taking stock of what your previous efforts have brought to you.

I have been asked if there are things one can do to assist oneself in this time of slight uncertainty or uneasiness.  I am aware of a gem combination to be worn as a pendant that can be extremely helpful although the one place that has authentic items seems to be sold out. If I hear more news I will post further.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Diwali : the gift of Gold or Silver coins or ingots

Near to Diwali time in the Hindu calendar people will often purchase Gold or Silver, either as coins or as bars/ingots, often inscribed with deities, or Yantra.
In particular, Dhanteras holds special importance for buying gold and silver in the India. Every year, jewelers see a surge in demand for gold as Indians flock to stores to buy either gold jewelry or gold coins on this day. 
The word Dhanteras comes from ‘Dhan’ meaning wealth, and ‘teras’ meaning 13th day as per the Hindu calender. This day is considered to be the first day of the five-day Diwali celebration and holds importance for the business community.
According to an adage, the story of Dhanteras revolves around a 16-year old King Hima and his newly-wed wife. A prophecy had indicated the king will die on the fourth-day of marriage.  In order to keep her husband awake and safe, his newly wedded wife is believed to have made a heap of her ornaments, including lots of gold and silver coins at the entrance of the sleeping chamber. She is then believed to have sung songs and narrated stories. The next day, when the God of Death, Yama came to take the king, his eyes were dazzled by the blinding gold and silver. Unable to enter the chamber, Yama climbs the heap of wealth and sat there listening to the songs and stories. Later, Yama is believed to have left silently without taking the king. Since then, buying gold or silver on this day or even other forms of ‘dhan’, is considered auspicious to keep evil and death away.

Energised Ganesh Lakhsmi Diwali silver ingots for sale

I have been able to find on sale special energised silver ingots that are quite unique. These are enhanced .999 pure silver ingots sourced from MMTC PAMP, and have undergone a 1001, followed by a 10001 mantra energising process.  This makes them a powerful gift during this auspicious time.  You will have to be quick as only 100 of these ingots have been produced!  Take a look here->

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Powerful artifacts

Today I will be detailing some artifacts or items which have historically been worn, or kept within the home and ascribed certain effects or powers. I will not cover the Zakti-Mani here as I have mentioned this in previous posts.

1: Feline umbilical cord.

 When a cat gives birth they generally eat the umbilical cord and sac. It is difficult to obtain this and one should never stress the cat in an attempt to take it by force. To cause any harm or distress when taking the cord will lead to severe problems!  If it is obtained with the cats blessing then it should be kept in a suitable box (covered in vermillion). A suitable place to keep this box is among your valuables (cashbox, gold or jewellery). Wealth is assured with this. Let me repeat that the cord is never obtained forcefully or to any distress to a cat. In some places inthe world the mother cat is under nourished and the cord meal is essential for her body and therefore be able to make milk to feed her kittens. If you are ever offered such a cord at a cheap price then it is either fake or obtained through mass-market means where cats are kept in bad conditions specifically for this task of providing a cord. Nothing good will ever happen with cords obtained in this way (please be warned). I do come across genuine cords with video verification of how they have been obtained. Twice within 5 years have I been able to obtain a genuine cord and the pricing has been in excess of $4,000.

 2: Jade Pearl

Genuine examples of these resemble a pearl the size of a palm. The colour is a shade of green and is formed in a river where the flow causes the round smooth shape to form. Genuine examples are very rare in nature.  Fake items are larger in size and crafted into shape and will appear perfectly round. It should be worn within an amulet and brings good health, wealth and progress in life. Generally the discovery rate if these are around 4 per year. Guide pricing are near $2,000.

3: Deer Umbilical cord: a spherical shaped object with a distinctive scent. It is covered in fine hair and can be kept with valuables or worn. When worn it will cause people to be kind towards the wearer. Only of use if found out in the wild and not from captive animals. Guide pricing $5,000

To be continued...

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Avoiding the wrong place at the wrong time

Is it possible to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time and therefore avoid harm coming to oneself? There have been cases where people have thought themselves to be lucky to have made last minute decisions which have then meant that they have not come to harm.  These examples include people being late and missing their plane trip and later finding out that the plane they had booked on crashed.  Or persons who have avoided going a certain route when walking only to find out that some life threatening incident took place along their original route.

In all these cases they have avoided a calamity and they have put it down to luck or to a higher force.  In Vedic texts there are prescribed the wearing of Yantra’s to prevent calamities occurring to oneself.  In essence they seek to prevent the effects of negative planets and enhance the positive planets.  So what then happens is that the mind is influenced in subtle ways which thereby prevents harm as the person carries out actions which leads them away from harm.   So is there some form of fortune telling taking place? No.  Many people may be experiencing the same negative effects of planets to varied degrees but the opportunity to have harm caused is also on a minor to major scale.  For one person the negative effect may cause harm in a relationship with another person (which may also get patched up later).  For another person it may cause them to act and make decisions which could for example mean they speed on their car and cause an accident and physical harm to themselves.  What the Yantra would do is prevent negative influences so that one is more balanced in mind and influenced positively in making decisions and carrying out daily activities.

Yantra’s were widely used by soldiers in ancient India to prevent deadly injuries and to hone the mind to ensure survival. Of course in such times the Yantra makers were genuine skilled craftsmen, with skills passed down from family generations.  Sadly in modern times these craftsmen are hard to find and even more difficult is finding those who continue to use the traditional methods. 
So yes it is possible to avoid being in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Lottery Winning using Vedic mathematics- mega post

Due to the number of people requesting information about vedic maths and lottery winning I thought i would take the opportunity to place all of the links to previous posts in one place.

So here we are- it starts with explaining how the method was initially discovered and the help obtained to unravel the notes and then some predictions which turned out to be very lucky for those who actually played those numbers.

I will be ready to reveal some more numbers very soon.

So here are the links to previous posts as promised..

Neepradaka Press email address.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Free Prayer Service

I was informed today about a free prayer service which is being offered to all those who require it. It is not common for something like this to be offered free of charge -but it has been possible from some donations. Please respect the instructions given on the site so it can benefit everyone and do not run into any issues which may prompt the withdrawal of the service.  Something which I really like is that this is not a simple prayer service but appears to be a combination of prayer, meditation and what they term as vibrational tools which take place over a couple of days. This is something which would probably cost a lot of money if one wanted such a service. The link is here.

Friday, 31 October 2014

The problem of fake Guru's

With new online tools available to promote to millions, we are seeing the rise of sophisticated marketing techniques used to repackage various types of meditation, healing and other such related programmes. There are multitude of these throughout the world and sadly many are falling for what can only be described as clever techniques to part people from their money.  Do people obtain something? Yes, sometime people do gain something but one can argue that they could have obtained the same for a lot less. the only difference is that they are paying for a great show, or hoodwinked into believing they are going to get something very different or unique than what others may provide. In the worst cases I can only describe as sophisticated pyramid schemes which try and get others to recruit family members and friends to come along to 'free' classes. The aim being to get them sucked into the scheme, part with money and recruit further people.
I have seen methods used which are downright deceitful (hypnotism, subliminals) to influence people at conferences/classes.  Whatever problems you have in life be careful in putting your faith and money on schemes which look too good to be true. Be on your guard. True helpers are out there in the world and will give you the information and help needed for nothing at all.  I often promote the book Secret Power of List's- and although you can buy it- you can also read this book for free by asking your local library to purchase it (please contact me if the Library is unable to obtain it as I can try and send it to your library for free). Questions are always answered here at no cost.

I say again- be on your guard.  I can not name the specific fake guru's or fake/scam programmes here for obvious reasons.